Allure Sleep Vape

"I was amazed the very first time I tried Allure Sleep. I have tried other natural remedies with little or no results and this works for me every time. It’s very rare for me to get a good night’s rest between hot flashes and a restless mind. ...

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Diane from Richmond Hill 😊

If You Have Trouble Sleeping, You Have to Try This!

"I’m a terrible sleeper and have tried many different products - natural / herbal teas and over-the-counter products, THC in a few formats, CBD in a few formats. The Allure Sleep stick is great because it’s completely customizable. And be that,...

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Allure Relief Muscle and Joint Cream

"I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my L5-S1, which caused tightness in my mid to low back, and my right leg to go numb and tingly if I tried to move around for periods of more than 10 minutes without support.  

I had been using lar...

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Ben M

For all those suffering from pain and need quick relief

"I would recommend this product to all those suffering from pain and need quick relief. It has a great cooling sensation while working its deep penetrating pain relief that helps me get through the day. I will definitely be picking up another o...

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Winston L

Allure Life Vape

"Allure Life has already replaced my other CBD vaporizers. The flavour is superb and long lasting (blueberry), and it is very user friendly.
There is also a USB port to recharge, which is a huge benefit. It immediately soothed my anxiety an...

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This product has blown away all my expectations

"This product has blown away all my expectations. I have a daughter who
suffers from social anxiety. We have been down many medical paths;
from cognitive behavioural therapy to visits with her psychiatrist to
medications. We have no...

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I recently tried Allure’s pain and joint cream for my hands

I recently tried Allure’s pain and joint cream for my hands. I suffer
from arthritis and have severe soreness in my joints.  The first
time I tried it, I immediately felt it working.  I was able to
move my hands more easily without ...

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This product really worked!’ It alleviated the pain.

“This product really worked!’ It alleviated the pain I had in my shoulder for not only a few hours but a few days with one application. I was amazed at its efficacy. I would definitely recommend this product.”

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Allure relief instantly relieves

Allure relief instantly relieves muscle and joint pain without feeling like it is burning your skin, and it smells great!
I’m a long time sufferer of lower back and sciatica pain, sometimes to the point where I’m immobilized for days or we...

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Recently tried Allure's vape pen

Recently tried Allure's vape pen called Life and immediately felt the results, experiencing both a sense of calm, and tranquility which helped with my anxiety.   I feel reassured that this exceptional and effective product is a natural remedy a...

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Allure Life vaporizer and the Allure Relief CBD oil tincture

Dear Allure
I am writing you today to thank you for allowing me to try the Allure Life vaporizer and the Allure Relief CBD oil tincture . I found both extremely effective in reliving pain and allowing me to sleep without the aid of prescri...

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Humans have been using cannabis for thousands of years. However, scientists have only recently started to truly understand how this plant affects our mind and body at the molecular level.CBD has emerged as a promising drug candidate for researchers. It possesses many useful therapeutic properties by stimulating the endocannabinoid system, but, unlike THC, CBD had no psycho-active elements, it cannot get you high.