Welcome to Allure Global

Allure Global, is a stealth health and wellness CBD innovation company that crafts proprietary cannabinoid solutions. Our products range from non-addictive pain relief to overall well-being enhancement, redefining possibilities in the health industry. As leaders in CBD research and trade, we excel in importing and /exporting medical-grade isolates, distillates, and bio-mass, setting new standards in the industry. Explore the allure of transformative health with us where each product reflects our commitment to excellence and your journey to well-being.

Our Values

Allure Global is a health and wellness company driven to discover. Allure Global sources only organic CBD isolate from a handful of carefully vetted suppliers from Colorado, Kentucky, Oregon and California. Allure Global only uses medical grade CBD isolate of 99.9% purity that is free of contaminants, like heavy metals, residual solvents, microbiology and pesticides.

The Miracle of CBD

For millennia, humans embraced cannabis and recent scientific exploration has unraveled its molecular impact. Scientific revelations in recent years have illuminated its impact at the molecular level. The CBD health and wellness industry, valued at billions, owes its existence to meticulous research. Allure CBD, with its non-psychoactive nature and addictive-free profile unlike THC, stimulates the endocannabinoid system, offering therapeutic benefits. We prioritize purity, ensuring our Allure health products are free from pesticides. Join us on the journey of well-being, where science and nature converge for optimal health with our premium Allure CBD offerings.

Our mission

Dedicated to discovery, we optimize CBD’s healing prowess. Aspiring to be global leaders in CBD health and /wellness, our diverse brand portfolio aims to uplift lives. Our products are pesticide-free, promisinge pure well-being. Choose Allure for premium CBD offerings, fostering positive life changes and enriching the well-being journey globally.

Founders Message

Life is beautiful, though it is never perfect. Rather I believe it is a journey filled with peaks and valleys as well as the occasional curve ball. Stay true, resilient, and fiercely motivated to be the best that you can be. Be caring and mindful, as most of what you believe in will soon come to fruition.

Respect life, our planet,and one another.

Sandro Costa